Juvenes Pro Medicina Conference
 "The Juvenes Pro Medicina Conference has been organised for more than 50 years by the Students’ Scientific Association at the Medical University of Lodz. The conference is an important scientific event, directed to young scientists and doctors that are the beginning of their professional career.
Our goal is to create an international, scientific event for young scientists, where they can share and present their best work. We wish the conference to be a part of the developing medical sciences. You will be able to share your research in one of the 28 scientific sessions. Additionally, we provide the participants with a chance to take part in series of practical and theoretical workshops and lectures. We hope that our event will be an unforgettable experience for you."


 Students Against COVID:

#Students_Against_COVID aims to bring students & allies together across the globe to create a common platform to share ideas, brainstorm together, & collaborate if possible during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The movement aims to promote efficient and professional communication all the while encouraging others to champion scientifically-based facts & ideas, and building synergies. To date, it has drawn in several hundred students and allies spanning ~90+ countries in an effort to create a common platform for social entrepreneurship and collaboration to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, it aims to enable others' worldwide to become leaders of positive change long after this pandemic.

Use of our hashtag #Students_Against_COVID alone has allowed students and allies to connect across the world quickly and collaborate with another to do meaningful activities. These activities include translating COVID-19 informational material into 45+ languages, facilitating PPE collection efforts, and forming collaborations between student activists in low-middle income countries on vital topics such as how to address e-learning challenges.

students against covid

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