Editorial Policy


   Turkish Medical Student Journal (TMSJ) is an independent, non-profit, peer-reviewed, international, open-access journal; which aims to publish articles of interest to physicians, scientists and medical students. TMSJ is published three times a year, in February, June and October by Trakya University. The language of publication is English. Correspondent authors of the articles should be a medical student. 

   TMSJ publishes original researches, interesting case reports and reviews regarding all fields of medicine. All of the published articles are open-access and reachable on our website.  The primary aim of the journal is to publish original articles with high scientific and ethical quality and serve as a good example of medical publications for stimulating students, doctors, researchers. Our mission is to feature quality publications that will contribute to the progress of medical sciences as well as encourage medical students to think critically and share their hypotheses and research results internationally.

  The Editorial Board and the Publisher adheres to the principles of International Council of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


   All manuscripts submitted for publication are reviewed for their originality, methodology, importance, quality, ethical nature and suitability for the journal by the editorial board and briefly revised by the advisory board whose members are respected academicians in their fields. Well-constructed scheme is used for the evaluation process. All manuscripts are reviewed by two different members of the editorial board, followed by peer revision from at least two professors, belonging to different institutions, who are experts in their areas. The editors assist authors to improve the quality of their papers. The editor-in-chief has full authority over the editorial, scientific content and the timing of publication.


   Turkish Medical Student Journal depends on publication ethics to ensure all articles published in TMSJ are acceptable in terms of scientific ethical standards and do not include any kind of plagiarism. TMSJ expects authors and editorial board to adhere the principles of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). To reach the highest standards, TMSJ has an advisory board member who is a professional in ethics.

   All original articles submitted to the TMSJ have to be approved by an ethical committee and include the name of ethics committee(s) or institutional review board(s), the number/ID of the approval(s). Additionally, informed consent documents obtained from patients involving case reports are required for the submission.

  All received manuscripts are screened by a plagiarism software (iThenticate). Similarity percentage more than 21 (or more than 5 for one paper) and six consecutive words cited from an another published paper in the same order are the causes of immediate rejection.


   All opinions, reports and results within the articles that are published in the TMSJ are the personal opinions of the authors. The Editorial Board, the editorial advisory board, the publisher and the owner of the TMSJ do not accept any responsibility for these articles.


   The Turkish Medical Student Journal’s editorial review process pursues the Good Editorial Practice set by international editorial organizations (ICMJE, EASE, WAME, COPE, CSE,…). According to the WAME; a conflict of interest arises when an author, peer-reviewer, or editor in the publication process has an incompatible interest that could unmeritedly influence his or her responsibilities (academic honesty, unbiased conduct, and reporting of research and transparency) in the publication process. 

   If a conflict of interest related to family, personal, financial, political or religious issues, as well as any competing interest outlined above at the WAME’s definition, exists; TMSJ requires that the author should report the condition to the editorial board and declare at the ICMJE Conflict of Interest form, and specifically define it under a title at the end of the manuscript.  The Editorial Board members of the Turkish Medical Journal may also submit their own manuscripts to the journal as all of them are active researchers. Nevertheless, they cannot take place at any stage on the editorial evaluation of their manuscripts in order to minimize any possible bias. These manuscripts will be treated like any other author’s, final acceptance of such manuscripts can only be made by at least two positive recommendations of external peer-reviewers. 

   Turkish Medical Student Journal follows a double-blinded review principle. Authors cannot contact any of the peer-reviewers during the publication process and vice versa; since any of the peer-reviewers and author’s information are obscured. 

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