Checklist for Submission

ο       One Word document named as last name of the first author. For example: Sancar.doc.

             The Word document should contain the following pages:

  •                   Title Page (first page)
  •                    Abstract
  •                    Keywords
  •                    Full text of the manuscript
  •                    Acknowledgement
  •                    References

ο      Figures and tables must be added to the e-mail as attachments in .jpg or .tiff formats. The name of the file should be named as: last name of the first author_Table/Figure_No.TIFF/JPEG. For example: Sancar_Figure_1.JPEG

ο      Authorship Contributions Form

ο      Acknowledgement of Authorship. Exclusive Publication Statement, Conflict of Interest Statement and Transfer of Copyright Agreement

ο      TMSJ Form for Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest

ο      Consent Form for Case Report (If necessary)

ο      Ethical Committee Approval Form

For detailed information see: Instructions to Authors

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